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Mass arrests target LGBTQ+ people in Nigeria while abuses against them are ignored, activists say

Calhoun Times 30 Oct 2023
Mass arrests of gay people in Nigeria highlight the challenges the LGBTQ+ community faces in a country where homosexuality is criminalized, rights groups and lawyers say ....

Marriage equality: A parliamentary prerogative

Financial Express 18 Oct 2023
The bench unanimously held that the LGBTQ+ community has the right to love and to cohabit as they choose.  ... One can only be hopeful that the government’s high-powered committee delivers on its promises to look into the rights, entitlements and concerns of homosexual couples. . (The author is a lawyer and a columnist.

Tucker Carlson slams ‘insane’ US gov’t leaders who stifle human flourishing in Hungary speech

Life Site 22 Aug 2023
“It is so nice to be in this retrograde right-wing hellscape,” said a smiling Carlson – before saying that Hungary reminded him of America circa 1985 ... government appoint as their ambassador to this conservative, Christian nation? A Jewish homosexual activist lawyer ... homosexual men.

Uganda’s anti-homosexuality law poses free speech fears for journalists

CPJ 20 Jul 2023
Now, a new anti-homosexuality law is threatening this mission at a time when LGBTQ+ Ugandans are facing beatings and evictions ... The broad terms in which it talks about promoting homosexuality can be interpreted to mean anything,” said Nicholas Opiyo, a human rights activist and one of the lawyers in a the law’s constitutionality.

Queer people exist outside of Pride Month – don’t forget us the rest of the year

Metro UK 01 Jul 2023
Ask yourself ... Alan Turing, a gay man, is part of the reason I’m typing on my laptop right now, as he’s known as the father of modern computer science ... Menaka Guruswamy and Arundhati Katju are the lawyers who fought for LGBTQ+ rights in India and in 2018 successfully decriminalised homosexuality, which had been criminalised by the British in 1861 ... ....

Willem knew what awaited him as a gay man when the Nazis invaded Holland – ...

The Eastern Herald 23 May 2023
But Willem Arondeus, who was part of the great minority of homosexuals who did not hide their sexuality, knew well what the Nazis were doing to homosexuals ... But Willem Arondeus decided to fight to the death and shortly before the execution he asked his lawyer to let it be known everywhere in the Netherlands that homosexuals are not cowards.

Ugandan MPs pass bill imposing death penalty for homosexuality

The Observer 21 Mar 2023
MPs in Uganda have passed a controversial anti-LGBTQ+ bill, which would make homosexual acts punishable by death, attracting strong condemnation from rights campaigners ... The bill marks the latest in a string of setbacks for LGBTQ+rights in Africa, where homosexuality is illegal in most countries.

SC notice to Centre on pleas to recognise same-sex marriage

Hindustan Times 25 Nov 2022
... Rohatgi and Maneka Guruswamy, that the issue needs an authoritative determination by the highest court of the land, which has guided the jurisprudence on the subject through its landmark judgments decriminalising homosexuality and granting privy a status of fundamental right.

Conservative TX Lawyer Targets PrEP Access After Abortion Rights (HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis)

Democratic Underground 14 Jul 2022
Give it up once again for the scolding centrists who told progressives to calm down and insisted the Right wouldn’t go beyond abortion rights ... Conservative Texas Lawyer Targets PrEP Access After Abortion Rights ... https.//

Iraqi activists warn of parliament bid to ban homosexuality

The New Arab 13 Jul 2022
"I call on them (homosexuals) to repent. I call for a repeal of laws upholding gay rights to protect humanity from the monkeypox epidemic or what we call homosexual-pox," he wrote ... Court lawyers told TNA on the condition of anonymity that there are no Iraqi laws specifically on homosexuality in Iraq that either punish them or give them rights.

Sir Mo Farah's 'truly extraordinary' story will 'help change perceptions' of trafficking victims

ITV 13 Jul 2022
Mr Katwala said Sir Mo's story also has the potential to create the safe space necessary for other trafficking victims to seek help - just as entertainers and athletes who came out as homosexual bolstered the gay rights movement. Charity workers, lawyers and others who help ...

Today in History: Ghana likely to legalize homosexuality – Akufo-Addo

Ghana Web 26 Nov 2021
Human Rights lawyer, Nana Oye Lithur in 2011, when the debate on legalizing homosexuality in Ghana was heightened, was reported to have argued on behalf of gays in the country saying, "We are guided by our 1992 Constitution that states that we are all equal before the law and every person in Ghana possess human right.”.

LGBTQ+ Debate: Tone down on your language and personal attacks – Ayikoi Otoo to Sam George

Ghana Web 14 Oct 2021
On the substantive issue of LGBTQ+ rights in the country, Ayikoi Otoo said that the lawyers and academicians were looking at the issue from the myopic view of just homosexual rights ... distinction between homosexuals and their rights which is guaranteed under the 1992 Constitution.

Rights groups urge boycott of Dubai Expo 2020

The New Arab 03 Oct 2021
"People believe the spin about Dubai," said human rights lawyer and founder of NGO Detained International David Haigh to The New Arab ... The lawyer referred to the criminalisation of homosexuality in the UAE, as well as the case of American businessman Zack Shahin was is serving a 53-year sentence on false accusations of financial crimes.

FLASHBACK: Africans getting fed up with gay rights noise – Mike Oquaye

Ghana Web 29 Jul 2021
The seasoned lawyer stated that it’s unacceptable for the international bodies to champion the promotion of acts like homosexuality which is alien to the African continent in the name of human rights. “Following what Tony Blair said which I personally wrote him a letter that if we do not go the homosexual way, it was going to affect their aid to us.